(updated as of July 2023)

This Code 1 sets out the standards of behavior that we expect of suppliers conducting business with or on behalf of Ƶ and its Business Units (together, “Ƶ”)2. We expect suppliers to read, understand and comply with the standards set forth in this Code.

Download the Supplier Code of Conduct

1This Code sets minimum standards for supplier conduct expected by all Ƶ Business Units (BUs). Some BUs have chosen
to adopt a code that additionally takes into account considerations applicable to that BU’s particular activities and the markets in which
it operates.

2 Ƶ has a broad range of suppliers, from corporations providing an array of multiyear services to individuals supplying a
service on a single occasion. Ƶ recognizes that some of the standards set forth in this Code may not be feasible or practicable
for all suppliers. We expect suppliers to meet the standards set forth in this Code to the fullest extent feasible and practicable. If a
supplier has questions as to how this Code applies, the supplier should reach out to Ƶ Global Sourcing.